"Looking for Good News"

Technology has changed our lives.  So much of our communication is now done online
or via a handheld device.  There is so much good that has come from it and with
the good comes the bad.  In this day of constant  communication, never have more
words been shared and never has so little of consequence been communicated.  The
bandwidth of our lives has become filled with meaningless dribble in emails, texts
and tweets.  We see reports of people texting while walking or driving and getting
injured or injuring others.  What is the insatiable hunger that is within each of
I believe that we all are looking for something  positive, something encouraging.
We are looking for "good news." Whether we realize it or define it as such, we are
looking for the "good news" that's provided through a relationship with Jesus Christ.
But that only happens when become the people of "good news."
I was having a chat with my son, Matthew, last night and he was telling me about
a friend who discovered the "good news" simply because Matthew would listen and
encourage the friend.  Finally the friend asked why he would do that and Matthew
was able to share of his faith in Jesus.
Our conversations probably rarely start with the question, "If you were to die tonight
would you go to heaven?"  Relationships are built upon encouraging words or acts
of kindness.  Coming to a relationship with Jesus is a path.  For some, it is a
short journey and for others it is a longer process.  Our willingness to share
the "good news" consistently through the years is part of being the people of God.
So we are called to spread the "good news" and do it often.  I suggest that we turn
the tables on modern technology and begin our own individual campaigns of "good
news and kindness."  Why not set a goal of daily sending five or ten texts, tweets,
emails or web posts just telling people that you are praying for them, or that they
did a good job on a project or you loved the outfit they were wearing.  Sharing
positive and encouraging words is contagious.
The "good news" will spread as we become people who communicate "good news."