NEW ALBUM: The Collection, Vol.2 - And So We Sing

The Collection, Volume 2 is a compilation of songs including nine audience favorites from earlier Steve Amerson recordings plus three songs just recorded by Steve.  The new songs include And So We Sing, The Mansions of the Lord and He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need.

And So We Sing is written by Robert Sterling and Regi Stone.  Robert Sterling created a phenomenal orchestration with a touching lyric from Regi Stone.  He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need marries the familiar, “O Danny Boy” melody with a great lyric from the late Dottie Rambo.  The arrangement came from pen of Bob Krogstad.  The Mansions of the Lord is known from the movie, “We Were Soldiers” with a great lyric from well known producer and director, Randall Wallace.

Other songs on the project are Kyrie, I’m Amazed, The Sea of God’s Forgetfulness, Because You’re Near, This Must Be the Place, To the Ends of the Earth, Seigneur De Ma Vie, Shepherd’s Song and Eternal Life.

This collection of songs (CD and downloads) can be purchased online at or by calling 818.368.0749.

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