"How Big Is Your God?"

"How Big is Your God?"

Dennis is a syndicated radio talk show host, syndicated columnist, author and public speaker. He is noted for his conservative political and social views emanating from conservative Judeo-Christian values.

Years ago I had the privilege of singing for an event where Dennis was speaking.  The event was for a seminary and he spoke on "Holiness."  It was fascinating to hear an orthodox Jew speak on this subject and his Old Testament perspective was meaningful to a room filled with followers of Jesus.

In a more recent speech, he made a remark that intrigued me.  While his statement could be seen as political, I believe the significance of his words go well beyond the political world.

Dennis made the statement something to the effect, "the smaller your God the bigger the government," and conversely, "the larger your God the smaller the government."

It is not my intent to be political but I believe the importance of the concept bears some consideration.

When people believe in God they are more compassionate, loving, considerate and caring for those in need.  When believers become the hands and feet of Jesus there is less need for the government to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and provide for the homeless. This is what it means to be the Body of Christ.  It is part of our calling and mission. Unfortunately, governments have stepped in where the Church has failed to care for the less fortunate.  

We serve a big God and the Body of Christ must not surrender the blessing of serving those in need to any government, power or authority.  It is time for believers to advance the Kingdom of God here on earth as reach out to those in need.