"Pray For A Stranger Every Day"

I’m considering starting a new movement.  It’s called “Pray For A Stranger Every Day.”

Without really trying, I seem to find myself launching into prayer with total strangers.  Sometimes it will happen at the end of a phone call with a airline reservations person or someone with my cellular provider when before saying goodbye, I’ll ask, “How can I pray for you?”  Typically, people are shocked and don’t know what to say.  If they don’t have a specific request, I just begin praying for God’s provision in their life, for their finances, health and relationships.

When I close, I find that there is silence and then a sincere, “Thank you.”  Even folks that don’t believe in God seem to be moved.  And or course, even if they don’t believe in God, God believes in them.

So try it.  Whether is it on the phone or at the check out stand, or in some other totally obscure place, ask the person what you could pray for.  Even if they say, “Nothing,” start praying.

We may never know the outcome but we don’t have to.  We are called to love God and love others and what might seem to be random prayers are most likely divine appointments.