“Into the Fire”

One of my favorite songs to sing is Into the Fire from the Broadway musical, “The Scarlet Pimpernel.”  This song comes at the beginning of the musical as the English nobleman, Sir Percival Blakeney asks others to join him in battle.  It is a stirring and rousing battle cry that contains a strong spiritual message that can encourage believers to go into the fire.

Recently, Kristine and I were discussing some of the challenges we face and how it is like going into the fire.  Each of us in different ways encounter opportunities to charge into battle and challenge forces of evil whether in the physical or spiritual realms.  As believers, we are aware that the real battles of life take place in the heavenly realms as forces of light confront forces of darkness.  It requires strength and courage.

It is especially hard to charge into battle when surrounded by an enemy.  Circumstances can be overwhelming and even paralyzing.  Our responsibility as friends and fellow believers is to provide support and cover for those going into battle and encourage them in the midst of the fight.

If you know someone who is in a battle, be there to provide not only prayer cover, but whatever type of assistance they need to the best of your ability.  If they just need someone to sit with them quietly, sit with them.  If they have financial challenges and you have the means to help, help them.  If they need transportation, give them a ride.  If they need repairs done to their home or car, grab a hammer or wrench.

We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus and march with them into the fire.