I recently heard an interview with Simon Sinek, author of "Leaders Eat Last."  In the interview he said something  like, "the quality of a crew is judged not in calm waters but in the midst of the storm."

All organizations, families and individuals will go through tough times.  It might be financial or health or relationship challenges.  It could be a legal suit or an actual storm or tornado that damages your home or business but be assured challenging days will come.  No one is immune from negotiating rough waters.  Changes in your place of employment can wind up upsetting your smooth sailing.  A friend or loved one can stir up trouble and challenge you to love them like Jesus.  

It is in those times that your character and true leadership ability can be displayed.  It’s easy to look at someone else and say, “If only I had that job or their resources, or their home or their ability.”  Who you are can rise above the situation and God can use you to survive and thrive.

It is your decision to be tossed to and fro or press on.  Set your sail and press on.