Amerson Music Ministries was created to assist Steve Amerson as he touches lives and impacts culture through music. AMM is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation established in 1988 for ministry to the local church, the church at large and to the marketplace.

Steve’s unique communicative gifts of speaking, singing and composing have been dedicated to God and used mightily in churches as well as other ministries and non-profit organizations throughout the world. Steve has been heard in performances at Carnegie Hall, the Hollywood Bowl and with symphony orchestras in the United States and abroad, and on countless feature films, commercials and television shows.

Reach the Unchurched

Change Lives

Influence Culture

The vision of Amerson Music Ministries is to act as an ambassador of Jesus Christ to reach the unchurched, to change lives and influence culture with an encouraging and uplifting message of hope and joy that is found in Christ Jesus.

The mission of Amerson Music Ministries is to assist Steve Amerson in using his God-given gifts and talents to help build the Kingdom of God here on earth.


Amerson Music Ministries
Is About Encouraging The Church

AMM partners with churches to touch lives through concerts and worship experiences. The Truth found in the Word of God is like a two-edged sword. When music and Truth are forged together, music becomes the tip of the sword that can pierce the heart. That is the power of a song.


Empowering Other Ministries

Steve partners with non-profit organizations, using his music to help them inspire their donor base and garner support for their ministry endeavors including feeding the hungry, caring for orphans, curing disease, distributing Bibles, supporting persecuted Christians, building and repairing homes and creating jobs for people in underdeveloped countries. All of this is reaching people in concrete and tangible ways.


Evangelism to The Lost

God has opened doors for Steve to reach out and touch the hearts of our military and their families. He is honored to have opportunities to encourage, pray for and stand alongside those in the military community as he serves those who serve. Steve is able to share God’s love at times of illness and loss.

Steve will continue to give leadership in the weekly worship services held in the United States Capitol for members of Congress and their staff. His trips to Washington D.C. also allow for times of private and personal prayer and ministry with Congressional leaders.

The Jefferson Gathering

Steve is a strategic part of the leadership of The Jefferson Gathering, the weekly worship service held in the United States Capitol for members of Congress and their staff. His trips to Washington D. C. also allow for times of private and personal prayer and ministry with Congressional leaders. On Capitol Hill Steve is able to accomplish all three goals of AMM in reaching the unchurched, changing lives and influencing culture.


I believe in the power of a song!

There is nothing like a great lyric or text combined with a well-crafted melody. As an artist, I love to get out of the way and allow the work of a great composer to go straight to the heart of the listener. When the Spirit of God is involved, the power of a song becomes an overwhelming force for the Kingdom and lives are changed.

—Steve Amerson


As one might suspect, the schedule, the pace, and the stresses of working on Capitol Hill can be challenging, both physically and spiritually.
During my time as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, I have been extremely blessed to have met a handful of new friends who have helped to lighten that load a bit, for me and for my congressional staff. One such friend is Steve Amerson.
It was my great honor to get to know Steve a couple of years ago. I began to attend The Jefferson Gathering weekly worship service in the US Capitol Building. I learned very quickly that Steve’s gentle spirit, his incredible vocal talents, and his love for God were to provide a special inspiration to our experiences with this important Christian ministry.
Steve does not just lead our music, he helps prepare us to meet our God in such a way that we are encouraged and renewed. Without question one of our country’s most outstanding musicians and vocalists, Steve’s gifts of love and encouragement have been as important to me as his musical abilities and his special talents for leading worship. Each week that Steve is in DC, he goes out of his way to visit my office and personally prays with me and with individual members of my staff. Now, this is truly an example of the Christ’s church community in action.
I am so fortunate to have been befriended by Steve, as are those members of Congress and their staffers who participate in The Jefferson Gathering and who have gotten to know him personally.
My prayer is that Steve Amerson can continue to serve us in this special way, not only in our nation’s capital, but across the country and throughout the world.
In His service,
— Gregg Harper, Member of Congress
Please accept my deep and sincere gratitude for the tremendous ministry you bring to Washington D.C.
Your unwavering commitment to lovingly represent Christ in this spiritual dark environment has repeatedly been like a drink of cool water for a dry and thirsty soul. On those days of unrelenting activity and pressure, I have often meandered into the office in utter exhaustion seeking a moment of quiet... and find a card on the desk with the encouraging words that you prayed specifically for me on that day. You will never know the depth of comfort and strength those small ‘touches’ provide.
Then, there is The Jefferson Gathering. What can I say? It is an incredible honor to participate in a Christian worship service IN the Capitol, something that has not happened in over 140 years! The JG has become my church away from home and your ability to lead us in worship and help focus our thoughts on Christ has been a true blessing. God has gifted you powerfully, and I’m genuinely thankful that you bring those gifts to D.C. No doubt, you do so with great personal sacrifice (something you never mention), and I want you know my heartfelt thanks ~ and my earnest prayer that you continue coming if God permits. Be assured, your labor is not in vain!
Thanks again for all you do!
— Jody Hice, Member of Congress
I have struggled with depression and anxiety for many years. About four years ago I had to check into a facility due to suicidal thoughts. I know God sent you to remind me of his love through your singing. Music speaks to me like nothing else. Thank you for sharing the gift God has given you. Never underestimate the power of your ministry.
— L.E.
I was in a place of deep struggle and God used your CD very powerfully. My wife and I were on a long road trip and at one point, while she was behind the wheel, I put headphones on and listened to your music and experienced a true catharsis as some pent-up emotion wafted out of me enabled by the ministry of your voice. It became for me the turning point at which joy and light began to return.
— G.B.
My words cannot begin to describe how Thursday night touched me. Your message and heart are straight from Jesus, no middleman needed. You have an amazing and inspiring gift that God has blessed you with, it touches those around you in incredible ways and reflects Jesus’ love unmistakably. I’m not talking about your voice or amazing singing talents, rather who you are.
— C.E.
You sang with the power of the heavens last night. I I usually do. Any man, with a desire to be Godlike, seeks to know what it is that he has to offer mankind. You, my friend, have found that gift that was bestowed upon you, and you have magnified it. If you ever doubt the magnitude of your contribution, please call any number of us that you know who can speak for the masses.
— G.S.
How our distracted culture needs the beauty, truth and heart change that your songs inspire.
— G & G
I mostly want to thank you for speaking of God in an arena where He is typically downplayed or forsaken completely. Thank you for using the influence that He has given you for good and not evil within the arts. Tonight was absolutely awesome. Wholly entertaining, incredibly beautiful, chock full of Broadway favorites, a lovely demonstration of the talent within the orchestra…and glorifying to God. Without you, I’m not sure that last facet would have been true. Thanks again for preaching the Gospel tonight, brother.
— V.B.

A nine-member Board of Directors oversees Amerson Music Ministries. Income for the ministry comes from contributions, honoraria, product sales and royalties. All income goes directly to the ministry and Steve is paid a salary from AMM that is determined by the board. The ministry’s financial statement is available upon request.

Amerson Music Ministries is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation. Your tax- deductible contributions are greatly appreciated.

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