The Collection: Vol. 2 - And So We Sing CD


The Collection: Vol. 2 - And So We Sing CD

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THE COLLECTION VOL. 2 - AND SO WE SING is a new release from Steve Amerson featuring ten inspirational and spirit-filled songs.

The project was produced by Steve and his good friend, Bill Schnee.

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Song List

  1. And So We Sing - NEW

  2. The Sea of God’s Forgetfulness (The Cross in the Road)

  3. Because You’re Near (Sacred Spaces)

  4. He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need - NEW

  5. This Must Be the Place (To The Ends of the Earth)

  6. I’m Amazed (The Cross in the Road)

  7. To The Ends of the Earth (To The Ends of the Earth)

  8. Seigneur De Ma Vie (Sacred Spaces)

  9. Shepherd’s Song (Sacred Spaces)

  10. The Mansions of the Lord - NEW

  11. Eternal Life (Sacred Spaces)

  12. Kyrie (Sacred Spaces)