The Cross Said, "No!"

The Cross Said, "No!" - April 2018

I know that a cross cannot speak but in writing and story telling sometimes the writer will give human characteristics to an animal or inanimate object. It's always unusual to hear a tree speak or cow sing and dance. Some call it personification and some call it anthropomorphism. The differences seem to be subtle.

Regardless, it is fascinating to see it utilized. The Chick-fil-A television adds are always humorous as the cows hold up signs they evidently have painted that say, "Eat Mor Chikin."    

Giving physical or human characteristics to ideas, thoughts or inanimate objects is called personification.

As we have just celebrated another resurrection Sunday, my mind has focused on the cross. Our Christian faith means nothing without the cross. It functions as a bridge and reaches from heaven to earth to join God and man.

Many churches and Christians seem to downplay the cross. Singing about the blood can be seen as too descriptive or gory.   

So there stands the cross with it's vertical beam reaching to the heavens making a way for us to connect with God, and the cross beam stretching out as if to say, "I love you this much."

Christ loved us so much as his outstretched hands would signify. His hands are saying, "Come unto me all ye who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest."

The cross is a great example of personification. It gets personal. Christ gets personal with us. It is as though the cross is shouting, "No!" No to death. No to pain, fear, sickness and destruction. No!

 As the cross says, "No," we are invited to embrace the cross and say, "Yes."

 I pray that during these days of Pentecost and always, that you will step closer to the cross and say, "Yes."