Let God's Voice Be The Loudest

Let God's Voice Be The Loudest - November 2017

A few weeks ago our pastor gave a great message. It was about hearing God's voice and I have been using a thought from his message as I encourage members of Congress. The pressures and demands on Congressional members are intense. People are clambering for their time and attention and they have many voices trying to be heard. My admonition to members of Congress has been that in the midst of many voices, let God's voice be the loudest. And, as I would speak those words, you could see them sink in.

I am honored and humbled that God would allow me to be a voice speaking into the hearts and minds of members of Congress. Over the past two months I shared two different videos. The September video included members of Congress describing the difficulties of working on Capitol Hill. If you missed it, the September video can be viewed here. In the October video, members of Congress described what I bring to Capitol Hill. It can be seen here.

In this third video, members of Congress make an appeal. I would invite you to take four minutes and hear from members of Congress. Click here to watch this video or on the image below.