Coming Together

Last Wednesday evening I was at the standing at the Subway platform in the Sub-Basement of the United States Capitol. I was watching a video monitor of the proceedings going on in the House Chamber that moment. The volume was muted but I could see my friend, Congressman Jeff Duncan making remarks on the House floor with members behind him laughing. Knowing the Congressman, I could imagine that he was making some humorous remarks.

A few moments later as the House adjourned I saw Congressman Duncan coming down the escalator and ready to board the subway. I asked what was happening in the House chamber and he shared how he had been talking about the upcoming baseball game between the Republicans and Democrats. It was a lighter moment between members of both parties. Before he stepped onto the subway, he asked if I would pray for one of his staff members who parent had just received a cancer diagnosis. We stood there on the subway platform and prayed.

One might wonder with the pressing issues facing our nation, why are members of Congress playing games? I believe that members of Congress need to spend more time together in times of recreation and getting to know each other apart from the politics of the day.

As I have spent lots of time in Washington, D. C. over the past three years, I have heard from members of Congress that they no longer get to know each other as they have in the past. Friendships and connections to each other's families used to provide a setting to find common ground on challenging issues facing the nation.

With the shooting of Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others at a baseball practice in preparation for the Congressional baseball game, the two parties have an opportunity to come together. Representative Scalise is a well-respected member of the House and he has been very supportive of The Jefferson Gathering worship services. I leave a note of encouragement in Mr. Scalise's office as I travel to the Capitol. My colleague, Dan Cummins and I are thankful for his support.  

I would encourage you to continue praying for our nation and those who work on Capitol Hill including the brave men and women who work on the Capitol Police Force. As I am on the Hill, I have gotten to know many of the officers and pray God's protection and blessing on them.

Pray that this incident would be an opportunity to come together for the sake of our nation.