My Christmas Wish for America: Truth

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This holiday season, I’ve been doing some reflection on the meaning and complexity of the truth.  Truth can be powerful.  It can bring healing. It can bring change. It can bring peace and closure. It can truly rock one’s world.

The truth can also be devastating.  It can cause injury. I’ve even seen some Christians use truth as a weapon.

Christmas brings with it a reminder of the importance and effectiveness of truth.  After all, the baby Jesus was the embodiment of truth and grace. Thus, my Christmas wish for America is that truth would reign and we embrace the “Word” full of grace and truth.

The Effectiveness of Truth

There is a constancy and unchanging quality to the truth.  It is what it is. It can appear to be rigid and unforgiving.  It can’t be anything but what it is – true.

The effectiveness of truth, however, is based on how it is used and how it is couched.

In the Gospel of John, the scripture says, “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory as of the Father, full of grace and truth.” A key takeaway from this scripture is the mention of grace alongside truth.  

In baby Jesus, we find truth wrapped in grace.  Truth wrapped in something soft and warm that we can embrace.  God knew what He was doing when He sent Jesus in the form of a baby. Even the most hardened cynic will soften at the sight of a baby.

The Elusive Truth

Today, truth seems to be elusive. What is true to me, might not be true to you.  Regardless of the perspective, the media inevitably adds its own spin to the truth as well. Lately, just because something is on the Internet does not mean that it is true. Regardless of your views on “fake news,” we do know that there is a “deceiver” and he brings about dissension and division. It is based on the lack of truth.

Truth and America

Those in the leadership of our government don’t seem to be able to agree on the facts of almost anything.

I spend a lot of time in our nation’s Capitol and in congressional offices.  I am able to engage with men and women who occupy positions of power.  It is their job to make laws and decisions that affect our nation. I sometimes overhear conversations between members of Congress and shake my head at what I hear.

It’s fascinating hearing opposing points of view on political topics.  From office to office I hear various versions of the “truth.”  It is no wonder that our government is at a point of stagnation. There is no agreement on the facts or the truth. Each political party has their own facts and their own talking points. They talk past each other and the truth is lost in a sea of deception.

With no place of agreement as a starting point, it is not surprising that very little seems to be accomplished in our government.  When truth is preeminent and agreed upon, it gives us a point from where we can begin to have meaningful dialogue.  

As I walk the halls and pray with members of Congress, I will often pray that their minds and their mouths would be filled with truth. It doesn’t matter what political party one might align with, everyone needs to embrace the truth.  

The “Word” in the form of Jesus was “full of grace and truth.”  On Capitol Hill, I see very little grace and very little shared truth.  Harsh vitriol and partisan rhetoric rule the day.  Agreeing on truth that is filled with grace is vital.

My Christmas Wish For America

The ultimate hope for humankind comes in the “Word,” in the form of a baby, the sacrificial Lamb who takes away the sins of the world.

The hope of our nation does not reside in a political party. Our hope is not dependent on the party of the donkey or the party of the elephant.

The hope of our nation, our world and of humankind resides in the in the party of the Lamb. Only as we gather together under the banner of the Lamb will we see our nation continue to see God’s blessing.

That all men and women would embrace The Truth is my Christmas wish for America.  

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