Just Why Do “We Need a Little Christmas?”

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One of my favorite holiday songs is “We Need a Little Christmas.” This fun, joyous Christmas selection is filled with lyrical descriptions of the holiday season matched with a melody that exudes the spirit of the season. The words of the lyric mention holly, a Christmas tree, stockings, tinsel, fruitcake, evergreen bows, carolers, strings of lights, snow, Santa and a host of other holiday images. In addition to simply mentioning jolly holiday imagery, the overall feeling of the song lifts your spirit. For that reason, sometimes we just need a little Christmas.

That said, we actually need not just a “little” Christmas but lots of Christmas. In recent days, our world has experienced hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and shootings. It is almost as if our world is crying out for the healing and peace that is inherent in the birth of the babe in the manger. Our world needs the Christmas spirit now more than ever to provide a sense of peace, as well as act as a reminder in hard times that Jesus is the answer.

Christmas Offers a Hefty Dose of Peace on Earth

The world desperately needs a hefty dose of peace on earth and good will towards all. If Santa could pull that out of his bag on Christmas morning, that would be great. However, all we really find in Santa’s sack are temporal solutions to our earthly wants and desires. The reality of life is that the gift we need comes not in the shiny wrapping of a package but in the presence of a tiny babe. We need the presence of God and not mere presents.

The Manger Provides the Answer

Years ago, my friend, Lowell Alexander and I composed a song entitled, The Manger Held It All. Oftentimes people say, “Jesus is the answer.” And while it can sound trite and simplistic, Jesus is the answer. In that tiny babe, the manger did, in fact, hold the hopes and fears of all the years and the hopes and fears were met in the birth of the baby Jesus. The truth is that the Christmas present we need doesn’t come under the tree, but actually hung on a tree. The Father’s gift of his son. Jesus is where our focus should be.

As the earth groans under the weight of hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes and as humankind moans with brokenness of the human condition we do need a healthy dose of the true meaning of Christmas and we need as much of as we can get.

Carry the Baby With You This Christmas

A baby always seems to bring out the softer and gentler side of a person. During this holiday season, make a conscious decision to carry the babe in the manger with you. Be a gift giver to those you encounter this holiday season. And if you get bumped during this hectic time of year, make sure that God’s love and grace spills out onto others. Give a gift of grace to those you touch who need a healing dose of peace on earth!

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