Greetings from Amerson Music Ministries,

In September, Amerson Music Ministries will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Little did I know where this road would lead. The number of Christian artists that have remained active for this period of time is small. I’ve seen them burst on the scene with much fanfare, hype and promotion created by their record labels. For the majority of them, their ministry and careers typically lasted 4 or 5 years and then they disappeared.

I’ve not become famous or wealthy but with the help, encouragement and support of friends like you, I’ve been able to impact the world for the cause of Christ. It’s not just the individuals that I have directly sung for or spoken to, but working with other organizations, my music has impacted millions of lives around the world.

I’ve sung for countless churches and events reaching into the marketplace. And I’ve provided music for fundraising events for other ministries like The Seed Company, Appalachian Service Project, Knox Area Rescue Ministries, Mission India, ALPHA, The Bible League, Precept Ministries International and others that house, clothe, feed, teach, heal and spread God’s love in tangible and concrete ways. All of this has been accomplished through the power of a song. Songs are the tools that I use to proclaim God’s love and redemption. Songs with substantive lyrics can pierce the heart and oftentimes be more powerful than spoken words.

It’s been four years since I have created any new songs for performance and ministry. It is time for me to have new arrangements created and recorded to add to my repertoire. The working title for this project is Because We Believe and will include some new songs but also some songs familiar to you like The Prayer and You Raise Me Up.

The cost of a fully orchestrated project with 12 to 14 songs is approximately $150,000. That amount covers the arrangements and orchestrations, the actual printed music to be played in the studio and live in concerts, the musicians, the studio and engineer, design of the project and the manufacturing of the CD’s.

I need your help!

This video I’ve created will give you a bit more information about the project. A contribution of any amount will be helpful and appreciated but it will take some gifts of $1,000, $5,000 and even $10,000 to create the orchestrations and tracks for these new songs. I would like to begin working on this project this fall and will do so as soon as I have the funds.

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Because We Believe

Thanks for considering how you can help Amerson Music Ministries enlarge its effectiveness through the power of a song.